The Nuba Mountains of Sudan have been cut off from the outside world since war broke out in 2011. The government in Khartoum blocks food aid and has bombed fields of crops, in addition to school, churches, and hospitals. For centuries, the Nuba people have farmed, foraged, and preserved food to last through the long dry season. Today, growing and sharing food are acts of resistance.

Yida, home to 70,000 Nuba who fled aerial bombardment at home, is one of the most isolated refugee camps in the world. There are no passable roads that lead to the camp because it is surrounded by conflict- Sudan’s to the north and South Sudan to the south. Nonetheless, refugees built a market that spans several blocks. Supply trucks make multiweek journeys to reach the camp with goods from Juba, Kampala, Nairobi and even Khartoum.